The Team

Aron (+photo)

Aron is a french MSc student in a top tier french Business School. He is passionate about the web and technology and has many experiences in start-ups and entrepreneurship. In addition of being a consultant in UK and french start-ups, he is the man behind the Show Speak idea.

During a business trip to Bangkok, Aron wanted to stream music when showering but the sound power of his phone was too poor. He came up with an first draft idea and with Raphael they launched the Show Speak a month later!

Aron is a fan of Olympique de Marseille a french football club; he also plays drum and bass for more than 10 years and is a Ninjaku master.

At Show Speak,  Aron is the head of sales and deals with the customer service.


Raphael (+photo)

Since young Raphael is passionate about technology and innovation. He is the winner of many entrepreneurship competitions and already launched two start-ups. 

After many experiences in in business development in companies such as Rocket Internet, he wanted to solve one daily issue every person is facing. During shower, listening to music conveniently is hard and all along with Aron they worked on finding a solution. 

Raphael worked hand to hand with a manufacturer in Europe to design the product and to select the best electronically components (battery, sound etc.). He is the head of Business Development and responsible of Operations.
Raphael is a sport guy, he won Roland Garros Junior at the age of 15 and plays football each week with the Show Speak Team. 
As a huge fan of music he loves using its Show Speak when listening to Chopin, Dr.Dre or Daft Punk.
Raphael graduated from the prestigious University of Paris Dauphine, and has an engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.